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In muddy environments there is the need to keep some areas clean such as offices or technical control room or even just to clean the shoes once the work shift is finished.
We must clean Boot and Working shoes, but today the only system on the market is a disposable water system.

Today we are forced to throw away thousand of liters of water.

W-TECHNO introduces a Boot wash system able to Recycle 100% or water used for boot cleaning.
A standard system can waste more than 5 liters of water per shoes, 1 or 2 minutes of cleaning.
W-TECHNO is able to recycle the water used to clean our boots, to utilize it again many times and collect the mud for easy disposal.

The X-BOOT is able to save 20.000 liters of water per week in a working site of 20 workers.

There are many benefits: You save a lot of water, you have boot always clean, you dispose the waste in the correct way.


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