About us

W-TECHNO is a company with specialist knowledge in the design and manufacture of wash bay, paint-wash, boot-wash, high pressure nebulizator, wheel-wash for the rental market.

The company’s headquarters and factory is based some 10 miles outside of Milan. Design, powder coating, mechanical and electrical assembly and final testing are all done in house which allows for a highly-integrated manufacturing process. Some of the best engineers and technicians currently working in above business sectors form part of our team.

W-techno  have developed a wide range of innovative equipment and solutions, versatile and modern, suitable for use in multiple sectors, such as construction sites, rental companies and fleet hire to name a few.
Since its inception, the company has doubled in size and the evident quality of our products has led us to open a strategic network of sales and service centers across Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

This extensive network of service centers is always available to assist customers with any request or need you may have.

azienda retro

W-TECHNO developed a new system to wash eco-friendly all machines and tools used in construction and working sites.
The system is dedicated to company with high social responsibility on water recirculation and saving because allow you to clean all machines every day from the mud and oils. The system cleans the water used thanks to a filtration process and returns it to the pressure washer and to the user.
100% recycled water, enormous water saving and maximum level of social responsibility in terms of use of natural resources and prevention of potential soil contamination.